I’m Going To Start A Garden. Another Brilliant Idea. . .

Even saying it makes me nervous. Allow me give a little history. I have never successfully grown anything. Which is quite different from saying that I have never tried. Because I have. For two years in a row during my college years I decided it would be fun to grow a pumpkin patch in my back yard and then throw a big pumpkin carving party/ Halloween party once they were big and ready to carve. Obviously that didn’t happen. Not one of my pumpkins lived. I’m a murderer.

So here I am, kicking a dead horse, or maybe a dead pumpkin. Planning and dreaming. The thought of walking out into the backyard and plucking some fresh fruits and veggies from my own yard, the literal fruits of my own labor, and eating them down before they even know they have been plucked. The reward seems so great. The labor seems so great. And now that I have a blog, the possibility (probability?) of humiliation seems so great.

I’m sitting at the drawing board, the project is a blank slate sitting in front of me. It’s exciting and nerve racking. My dreams are big, hopefully my watermelons will be too. Already my wife tells me my plans are too large. But I’m a stubborn one. That kind of talk will only fuel the fire. She should know better by now.

So here is a rough sketch of my over-ambition: I will be building three raised garden beds. Two large beds and a small one. And a pot that will grow watermelons. I plan to grow ten total edibles (fruits and vegetables). Muskmelons. Lettuce. Garlic. Broccoli. Strawberries. Blackberries. Onions. Radishes. Squash. Tomatoes. Watermelons. Yea! . . . as I proofread this, I realize that my wife might have a point. Whatever the case, as of today, March 20, 2015, that is my plan. Oh, and I plan to revive a grape vine that I mostly destroyed last summer while replacing my fence.

My plans for this blog are to record my doings. Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes. Maybe someone can anticipate my errors and help me overcome them. Or maybe I will just entertain someone. I will be posting updates with every significant effort I make on the project and I will be posting pictures of my humble yard. This is a shameless project that probably no one will benefit from, but I am too stubborn to turn back now.

My efforts will begin this weekend when I’ll build the structures of the raised garden beds. Much to your chagrin, I will keep you posted. Until then, I am the Man Who Bites Off More Than He Can Chew, and I bid thee well.


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