Getting Seeds into Soil

A couple weeks ago, I decided that I would direct seed all of the vegetables outside because I was nervous about transplanting the plants to outdoors. The only other time I have tried to transplant a living plant from a pot to the soil, it died. And that traumatized me. So, unlike all of the other plans I have made in this project, this is one plan I will not change.


Alright so I changed the plan again. Some of my sources say that to successfully grow most of the fruits/veggies that I intend to grow, it is necessary to start them inside. Since so many of my sources contradict each other, I think I will still try direct seeding as well as starting them indoors. And this way I get to experiment with all theories and compare the results. And hopefully at least one of these theories will work out and my family and I will be able to eat some fruits and veggies grown in our own backyard.

Plus, it feels pretty good to finally have seeds in soil! I have been working on this experiment for weeks and I have finally planted something. So now I just have to sit and wait for the plants to start growing. Patience is not my thing.

So in the meantime I still have my garden bed to tinker with.


I finished tilling the ground beneath the bed last weekend, so all that needs to be done is add some soil and plant some seeds. Since it is still early April here in Colorado, it is a bit early to plant many of the veggies outside, but supposedly the lettuce is durable and should be able to grow. So this weekend I will add the soil and direct seed some lettuce.

I am a bit frustrated that my lack of knowledge and experience with gardening keeps making me so indecisive that I switch my plans. But hopefully I will be able to learn from all of this and have easier growing seasons in the future. I just hope that this season won’t be a complete waste and that I have some sort of harvest to show for all the work. Either way, it’s a pretty fun project that has been relatively cheap and keeps me busy and gets me outside working in the beautiful weather.


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