Getting Ready to Plant

It has been over a month since my last post. But fear not, my loyal and non-existent readers, I am alive and well. I simply have not posted because here in Colorado we have been getting hit with non-stop rain and snow for the past several weeks, so any sort of outdoor work has been impossible and ill-advised.

So for the past month, my plants have been sitting in the window-sill, drinking up water and soaking up sun (even when it is raining/ snowing in Colorado, we still  get a good amount of sun). And I must say, they are looking pretty good. Far better than I had anticipated. But as my English professors used to say, “show me, don’t tell me.” So here you go:


Top to bottom: Lettuce, Muskmelon, Squash, Watermelon, Zuccini.

Not too bad, right? I don’t know how healthy they actually are but I had just assumed that by this point they would all be dead. So I am exceeding my own, admittedly low, expectations! Since the weather has turned around and looks to be good and sunny and warm for a stretch, I am going to “harden” these little plants. From what I understand, that involves simply putting them outside, in the sun on a nice day, for a few hours each day. I’ll do that for a couple of weeks before actually transplanting them into my raised garden bed.

As I said in a previous post, I am not putting all of my harvest hopes into this little batch of veggies. Over the weekend, I went to the local garden center (O’toole’s here in Denver) and purchased some big, healthy versions of these veggies. One plant of each.


And my wife came along, so we also appear to have purchased some gnomes and ferries? Anyhow, these guys look good and strong and the weather forecast looks promising. So this weekend I will plant these outside. And just for kicks, since I have some extra seeds, I am going to try to direct seed into the raised bed this weekend as well.

I am pretty excited to actually have something planted in the ground. I hope I am not jumping the gun and planting too early, but since this entire project is extremely experimental and done without any real insight or knowledge of what I am doing, I won’t be broken-hearted if all of the plants don’t pan out. Hopefully by my next post, there will be plants in the ground!


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