Easier than Expected? Unheard of!

Once again, it has been far too long since my last entry.  It turns out that gardening isn’t as labor intensive as I had originally thought. I thought it would take up a lot more of my time and efforts. Let me update you as to what has been happening around my garden for the past month. First, I planted everything. 20150601_155101_resized Then, it grew. 20150711_082402 Crazy, right?! What’s more, I have done almost nothing to maintain this garden ( as you may be able to tell by the wild look of the whole thing). Granted, I am in Colorado, which is having one ridiculously wet summer. But considering that I have gone weeks (plural!) without so much as watering this thing, I am impressed with the results so far. The only maintenance I have put into this garden is trimming back the squash, which has grown exponentially larger than anticipated, and I water it every evening if it hasn’t rained. But like I said, it’s been so wet this summer that for the most part I haven’t had to water it at all. So let’s cut to brass tax. I planted two zucchini, two squash, two tomato, two muskmelon, two watermelon, one sweet potato, one strawberry and a whole lot of lettuce. The lettuce I planted directly from seed into the bed, while the others I started indoors and transplanted into the bed. The only plant I have lost is one of the tomato plants (the one that I bought from the store did not survive while the one that I brought up from seed has survived). I did all of the planting/ transplanting on June 1. Today is July 11. Several of the veggies should harvest after 60 days. So that puts me within two weeks of eating some of my veggies! For my watering system, I have been using my empty bottles of booze.  Once cleaned, I just fill them with water and insert them upside-down into the ground near some plants. I re-fill these guys about once every week, but I think in a dryer year they could need to be re-filled once every other day or so. This system has also shown me that I drink too much, since I had enough empty bottles to fill the garden after about a week and a half. Bottom line, I’m excited. I’m proud of my little garden. One cannot come to my house without having me drag them outside to show off my newest project. But the real beauty of this has been its simplicity. I appreciate and love simplicity. Hopefully we will get some harvest here in the next couple weeks. In the mean time, thanks for stopping by.


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